Trident Caribbean can find the right ‘end of line’ system for your growing needs. We have equipment that can be placed prior to your manual or automatic packing operation, to form part of an automatic ‘end of line’ packaging system. We offer machinery capable of handling a variety of pack types, trays, films and bags, at various speeds with applications to include all products be it raw, cooked, frozen or fresh.

FOOD PRODUCTION:                                                                                

Trident Caribbean offers innovative equipment for a highly automated production of a wide variety convenience products and sausages. We offer solutions for meat preparation, portioning & forming, coating, frying and cooking, but also for linking and peeling sausages. Let us match your end product specifications into the best suitable equipment setup.

Trident Caribbean has been supplying clip closures and clipping systems for meat casings since it’s inception. Along with the clips we offer an array of innovative packaging closure systems for all your processing and packaging needs. With a history of working closely with its customers, identify and servicing their needs Trident has proven to be the most sought after supplier for processing and packaging meat, poultry, and other diverse food products.  We can provide you with application expertise, equipment and after-sale support to match any business size.

Trident Caribbean LLC

CLIPS & CLIPPING SYSTEMS:                                                                


PACKAGING EQUIPMENT:                                                                       

Trident Caribbean offers regular grade EPS designed for use in shape-molding for cushion packaging, produce and fish boxes, coolers and general applications not requiring flame retardants. In partnership with NOVA Chemicals we produce a broad range of regular grades in three bead sizes (A, B, and C) and with various levels of blowing agent (pentane) to meet a variety of density and processing requirements. Specific grades are certified with respect to food contact and the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances directive.