Trident Caribbean provides an extensive list of process chiller manufacturers and suppliers. Together we can review your needs and source process chiller manufactures which will allow us to design, engineer, and manufacturer process chillers for your exact specifications. We are a leading distributors in the Caribbean and we will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for food processing chillers, or process coolers.
At Trident Caribbean we can help you select the proper thawing & defrosting systems needed thus allowing processors to accurately control the air-flow, temperature and humidity, which in turn provide outstanding defrosting/thawing of frozen products maintaining the highest quality for further processing. 

Leading the full-cooking revolution for nearly a half century, Trident Caribbean can assist you in finding the world’s most successful linear high velocity vertical airflow impingement oven or the right Spiral Oven.

We also have state-of-the-art thermal heating options, that improves operating characteristics and costs of frying quality foods. We offer field-proven equipment:  blending, forming, portioning, batter/breading, frying and more to provide solid solutions to your unique further processing needs.

For decades Trident Caribbean has been providing the highest quality equipment to sausage producers all over the world. Our high capacity, flexible solutions of the full sausage line production, include automatic processing, improved food safety, total recipe control and production monitoring. With a strong focus on your end product we, at Trident Caribbean, have served the sausage industry’s every needs.

CHILLERS, FREEZERS, THAWING:                                                        

FLAVORING & FORMULATIONS:                                                         

When it comes to food manufacturing, finding the right flavor or mixes is crucial.  Trident Caribbean offers a wide range of versatile and consistently high quality flavors and mixes for injection, tumbling and filling.  From soups and sauces to gravies and marinades, microwavable products to institutional foods, or baked goods to snack foods we can help you find what you are looking for.

We also have a Complete mixing and massaging lines for all food mixing applications. Vacuum or non-vacuum. No one has more expertise in serving unique industry needs than Trident Caribbean.

SAUSAGE PRODUCTION:                                                                 

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