Trident Caribbean LLC

 CUTTING & DE-BONING:                                                                   

We provide a wide range of tools for the meat processing industry, including but not limited to stunners, skinners, carcass splitting saws, de-hiders, and even automated solutions such as our automated loin pulling system and our automated carcass splitting system.

We have the meat industry's most widely used electric stunners all equally well-suited for hog, cattle, sheep, lamb and goats. These all meeting the requirements for humane animal treatment.

SLAUGHTERING & STUNNING:                                                          

Trident Caribbean will advise your business on a continuous primary processing system. Trident Caribbean knows the importance of achieving high yield ratios in the cutting and deboning process. We have the right equipment to help you achieve this with a variety of versatile systems to enable your business to get the highest quality finished product.