Trident Caribbean is constantly searching for the best grading & weighing systems for your production needs. We have systems designed to evaluate the lean percentage of an animal carcass using non-invasive ultrasound technology to reduce the possibilities of cross-contamination of the carcasses, damage to the carcasses, as well as providing a standardized system for grading the animals. 

Trident Caribbean is proud of the range of machines they have for your skinning, trimming and harvesting needs. Our devises help reduce labor and achieving a substantial increase in yield. Our systems are capable of touching up over 900 carcasses per hour with one operator. They remove skin and fat at a controlled depth eliminating knife gouges thus enhancing the appearance of your product.

Our meat harvesting equipment gives you the possibility to harvest from the carcass any valuable remaining meats. These systems can mechanically debone/separate meat to provide a profitable source of good quality raw material for the sausage, snack and comminuted meat industry.

GRADING & WEIGHING:                                                                       

We can offer the ability for your fine emulsions and coarse-ground products to go from mixer-blender to vacuumizer to reduction mill to stuffing system in one smooth, continuous process. Enabling a greater production capacity, precise consistency and control, and a safer, more sanitary operation with less product handling and lower labor costs.      

Whatever your business needs from emulsions, grinding or mixing, to weighing grading and harvesting let Trident Caribbean help you find the exact equipment for your specific needs. We can specialize your equipment to allow for future changes and modifications as your needs change..

EMULSIFYING & MIXING​:                                                                   

SKINNING, TRIMMING & HARVESTING:                                             

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